Modern “politics” has become quite varied, with so many political parties that have come into existence, riding the coattails of the general public’s malcontent towards the often confusing, …. and CORRUPT political process.

All too often; the morally conservative/liberty oriented/constitutionist’s vote is severely hampered by a fracturing of that said vote, resulting in candidates not receiving enough votes to effectively win an election. Not only are we fighting against the unlawful & massively corrupt ‘Duopoly’, ….. We end up fighting amongst ourselves for the bits & scraps of membership & candidate potentials that we can find. This organization is an answer to this pervasive problem, which plagues all “third” or “alternative” parties. We shall work together and support the best candidates that espouse our collectively shared base level of ideals in order to get such people to actually be supported and elected into office. To All of the Political Party Leaderships: Together, through this coalition; we can actually get such a thing accomplished.

Now, more than ever before in our modern history, was there a more poignant period of time to come together, and exercise our rights and responsibilities, as patriotic, constitutional Americans. The time to share the common goals, and support one another in our efforts to being back constitutional governance to our nation ….. is indeed; RIGHT NOW.

The National Coalition of Constitutionist Parties, is an organization, with a purpose to create a unification on the ideals, & main principles that drive us towards achieving the ultimate goal of bringing back Constitutional Governance to the United States of America, in the manner upon which it was originally founded. …. Through those ideals & principles that are commonly shared by this coalition’s membership body, & whom are in leadership positions within their respective parties; ……. We shall work upon together, plan for, & execute the methods found to be most effective in bringing this organization’s purpose into fruition for the cause of America’s Liberty, Freedom, & Sovereignty.

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that ultimately do.”

Can we count on you?